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General terms and rental rates beds

General terms and rental rates beds

Legal and acceptance of the terms and conditions

All reservations, through any provider, to stay in a guest room are subject to these terms and conditions. Unless expressly provided otherwise is deemed to have knowledge of the host mentioned conditions and to have accepted all the clauses in receiving the booking confirmation, the final payment of the deposit or the participation of the room.

The owner explains that the leased property ref Book III of the Walloon Tourism Code regarding the fire safety standards for tourist accommodation microbrews.

Conclusion of the agreement and payment of the price

The reservation actually takes effect and applies as a rental agreement as soon as the guest has transferred a reservation confirmation and/or payment of the price for the stay to the owner. Involving the room also counts as a rental agreement. All taxes are included in the prices. Gluten-free breakfast is not offered. Electric car charging is not offered.

Any outstanding balance of the price for the stay is to be paid to the owner upon arrival. Consumption and additional services not predetermined must be settled with the owner at the end of the stay. Unless otherwise specified, all payments on site are made exclusively in cash.

Cancellation of the contract

Any cancellation by the guest must be communicated to the owner by letter or email.

  • If canceled more than 14 days before the start of the stay, 50% of the price will be refunded in full. In other cases, the amount remains acquired by the owner.

  • In case of cancellation less than 14 days before the start of the stay, the amount remains acquired by the owner who reserves the right to claim any balance of the price for the accommodation.

  • When the stay is shortened, the price corresponding to the cost price of the accommodation and to the additional services requested but not used remains fully acquired by the owner.

  • Cancellation of a promo or cancellation through a third party provider (OTA) is non-refundable.

In case of cancellation of the stay by the owner before the date of the stay, he must inform the guest by all possible means and confirm the cancellation by email.

The guest will be immediately refunded the deposited sums, without prejudice to the claims for compensation for any damage suffered. Except in the case of force majeure, he will also receive compensation equal to half of the accommodation price if the cancellation was made less than 48 hours before the start of the stay or he will be offered accommodation of the same or higher quality than the price of his reservation. In the event of a government closure in the municipality of Rendeux, you can choose a new, later date of stay (within the year following the original booking dates) at no additional cost for the same number of nights, except during the summer holidays, Christmas holidays and New Year. Amounts already paid will be transferred to your new dates and will not be refunded in this case. If you do not wish to take another date, the amount will remain acquired for the B&B.

Arrival, departure and length of stay

The guest must present themselves on the set day and hour.

It is required by law of the arrival to ask the guest to provide the necessary information for monitoring of travelers (data, identity card number, ...).

In case of late or delayed arrival, the guest must warn the owner.

If the guest has not been notified within the hour following the scheduled day and the scheduled time for the beginning of the stay, the reservation is invalid and can have the owner about his guest.

The amount remains with the owner who reserves the right to claim any balance of the price for the accommodation.

Unless otherwise agreed with the owner, the departure must take place before 11am.

When making reservations for a period of more than 15 days or for an indefinite period, the parties shall draw up an inventory adversarial. The guest who reserves a charge for a fixed term, can boast in no case any right to continue to occupy the building after the scheduled time.

Transfer or sublease is prohibited.

Use and occupancy of the spaces

The guest must respect the peaceful character of the rooms and make use of it according to their destination.

He will take into account the rest of the other guests and the owner.

Parents should take care to ensure that their children follow the precepts of the location.

The reserved stay applies for a specified number of persons (children from 12 years are allowed) and subject to maximum occupancy (max. 9 persons). If the number of customers above this number is, the owner has the right to deny additional guests or to require the guest to book a different room (if available) to stay the guests at the announced price.

The refusal may be regarded in any way as a modification or termination of the contract by the owner, such that upon departure of the guest, no refund can be considered.

The electrical installation must not be overloaded by, for example, connecting heating appliances or cooking appliances.

This is only possible by arrangement with the operator.

Taking into account the fire safety regulations.

Without permission, this may lead to immediate termination of the agreement without refund.

You will also be blacklisted.

Pets are accepted only by special permission of the owner. Failure to respect this rule, the owner the right to refuse access to the guest to his room. The refusal may be regarded in any way as a modification or termination of the contract by the owner, such that upon departure of the guest, no refund can be considered.

The guest is asked not to smoke or eat in his room to avoid accidents that may impair the quality and atmosphere of the accommodation.

He undertakes to deliver the room and the furniture that was made available to him, in good condition.

The B&B is not responsible for damage or accidents.

Disputes and Review Policy

Any complaint regarding the inventory should be transferred immediately to the owner.

Any other complaint or incorrect review on a public online platform, related to a stay will be dealt with by the court of the judicial district competent for the place where the building in which the rooms are furnished is located. Erroneous reviews are accompanied by an indemnity of 10 euros per day that it is online (in the event of a conviction by the court).

When placing an incorrect review on a public website, it can be assessed for authenticity by the court. Please note this is accompanied by expenses and compensation if this is correctly assessed by the court. The costs for starting the procedure before the court, as well as the costs for the appointment and treatment by a lawyer, are charged to the person who placed the review. The costs may vary with regard to the procedure. The compensation is set at 10 euros per day that the review is online. You will be contacted by the B&B regarding the relevant assessment. The question follows to justify and defend you. In case of doubt, the deviation from the general reviews will be examined and this will serve as a benchmark to demonstrate whether or not it turns out to be justified. It is up to the publisher to remove or adjust this review after the reminder and the question for accountability. After two weeks, it will be evaluated whether there is an answer from the poster and/or whether the review has been removed or adjusted. If there is no response, the court will be called in and the term of the compensation will start (this will then count from the date of publication of the review).

If you have been blacklisted for misconduct or posting an unjustified review, you will be denied access to the site. In that case, you are not entitled to a refund for your stay, even if you did not make the reservation in your name or if you made the reservation through an external provider or in someone else's name.

Unpaid invoices of any kind will be increased by 10% per week.